• What is Kandee Rayne and where did the name come from???

    Don't we ALL just love a SWEET SWEET deal? And what's sweeter than candy? Nothing! And who's raining on you harder with the bundles? No one! And so was born the Kandee Rayne Kollection. Where we bring you sweet sweet deals and discounts on the best quality hair extensions around. Take a look around the Kandee Shop and see what sweet deals and discounts...
  • What is a Kandee Rayne Brand Amabassador/Promoter/Pusher?

    The Kandee Rayne Kollection is calling all leaders, promoters, influencers, taste-makers, fashionistas and beauty industry experts to join our team and endorse our brand! A viable candidate will be enthusiastic and outgoing with a considerable social media presence and a medium to large sized network. Each candidate should already have experience with wearing virgin hair extensions. And be able to represent the brand in...
  • Welcome to The Kandee Shop

    The Kandee Rayne Kollection has now introduced to the world a brand that has two major keys to elevating your hair extensions buying experience. Key Number 1: T R U S T! Finding authentic virgin hair extensions with a luxury quality can come with a hefty price tag even in today's industry. Yes, we now have these marketplace websites with thousands of sellers claiming...
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