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The Kandee Rayne Kollection has now introduced to the world a brand that has two major keys to elevating your hair extensions buying experience.

Key Number 1: T R U S T!

Finding authentic virgin hair extensions with a luxury quality can come with a hefty price tag even in today's industry. Yes, we now have these marketplace websites with thousands of sellers claiming to be "the source" offering bundle deals for crazy low prices, but it's still hard to trust. All to often we hear of these horror stories of women making purchases from some seller's market website. These stories involve never receiving the order or receiving something other than exactly what they ordered. I've even heard of women ordering what they expected to be virgin hair and receiving something more of a synthetic quality that won't hold a curl and mattes up relentlessly. They make it sound so good especially for the price but make hardly any effort to give you confidence in your investment. It hardly ever turns out to be what you were seeking and its nearly impossible to reach them directly to resolve anything. However the Kandee Rayne Kollection brings to the table the solution. We have a dedicated team of beauty experts who will address any questions for you. We have a 24 hours email and online chat service that will walk you through it all. Even our paid brand promoters have been given the opportunity to test and wear our hair free of charge so that they can have full knowledge and confidence in what they are promoting. The Kandee Rayne Kollection is a brand that you can trust!

Key Number 2: V A L U E!

Once you have tried Kandee Rayne Kollection extensions you will know and understand the value in it. It truly speaks for itself. It's stunning quality and amazing prices are unmatched. With a daily care routine and professional installation and customization your investment will last between 12-18 months of continuous wear. Not to mention how budget-friendly our prices are. We are the home of the $50 bundles! We regularly offer sales at our location and on demand delivery service in Chicago straight and body wave bundles from 12-22 inches for $50 each! And 24-30 inches are only $75 each! These are prices that you just can not beat! And our online store prices start at $45 for a 12' bundle.

With these two very major keys you can be well assured that shopping here is your best bet!

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